About Us

Our company was founded on the idea of helping companies succeed.  We do not provide “cookie cutter” solutions to force your company to conform. We analyze, assess, identify and provide solutions specific to your company needs. Every company is different and that is why 960 Consulting assesses your specific needs and provides solutions to meet your overall goals.

960 Consulting is a dedicated, end to end solution provider with experience in API integrations, data analysis, process improvement and more.  Our focus is to ensure your company receives the dedication it deserves with the specific solutions for your company’s needs.  

Not looking for an end to end solution, no problem.  We are flexible and can provide one or more of the services your company needs. 960 Consulting will never provide you with a solution or service your company does not need.  We will ensure our sole focus is to streamline your company, help establish plans for future growth and remain in contact to support any additional needs that may arise once our services are complete.  

We strive on customer satisfaction and ensuring success.  If it’s not right, we’ll make it right. Driven by strong work ethic, doing the right thing is always the first thing.  With experience in multiple industries, our focus is to ensure your company receives the dedication it deserves.

We are different from most consulting companies.  Our team is dedicated to your company throughout the duration of the contract.  We will not provide a team of people at a high hourly rate per person.  Our resources have a multitude of skill sets that allow us to provide one dedicated resource to your company.  Each individual has the ability to perform all the necessary tasks resulting in lower cost to your company as well as minimal overhead.

We are dedicated to volunteering and giving back to our churches and local communities.  Our founder has volunteered as a Junior Achievement teacher for the day.  She has also volunteered to help build a house with Habitat for Humanity.

Please Why Choose Us how we can support your area!